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Japan Media Overview with Useful Links

Uploaded major media for B2B x high-tech in Japan for PR, contents syndications and campaigns.

You can download it from HERE.


Japan has a unique media landscape compare to Western countries. In general, traditional mass media are still the main resource in Japan. For example, 5 major newspapers (Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Sankei and Nikkei) still has nearly 45 million subscribers which is 1 copy per household, and only 15% of household subscribes to BS/CS channels but 6 terrestrial channels still has high audience rating. However, once you look at B2B technologies market, business and high-tech online media are becoming more and more important due to the necessity of speed management and IT technologies being the solution. Also, social media are widely used among B2B business in Japan but not much success are reported and companies are yet searching for effective utilization methods of SNS. Lastly to mention, not like other countries, Yahoo! is still the #1 search engine (not Google) in Japan and Yahoo! still plays a big role as a news portal.


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Powered Communications is a Tokyo based "lead generation marketing agency" specialized in foreign IT/high-tech companies enter and expand their business in the Japanese market. Established in 1999, Powered Communications purely focus its offerings and values on "lead generation" - not individual services such as market research, PR, seminar support and other marketing activities. Powered Communications also focuses its service offertings to companies which their business size in Japan are "0-100 staff or 0-10M USD".

The history of Powered Communications since its establishment in 1999

It's been 18.5 years now since the establishment of Powered Communications in 1999. I'm thinking of doing 20th year anniversary event in 2019, but looking back the 18.5 years, the company went through a lot of turning points. Here is the history of Powered Communications.

1999: Established as Community Neuro-Systems (CNS) Inc. which specializes in foreign IT companies' marketing in Japan.

2003: Re-branded to Life Overture Inc. when Mr. Hirotaka Okoshi joined as a Director.

2004: Another re-brand to Powered Communications Inc. when Mr. Seiji Shimada joined as a Director. Decided to focus on PR and sales promotion.

2008: Employee reached 10+. Then shrunk to 3. Just being honest,,,. Don't blame the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers though!

2010: Adopted telecommuting for better working environment and talent hiring.

2016: Re-defined its service offerings to "demand generation marketing to foreign IT companies entering and/or expanding in the Japanese market."

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